:: Property inspections ::

Dom Plus organize property inspections for clients with transport and detailed inspection accompanied by expert consulting. Original is the best view DOM PLUS can provide to our clients and we point to find the right property for any of our clients.


:: Transport tickets ::

Dom Plus also may help buying airplane, train or bus tickets from a point of the world to the destination Bulgaria. To send a inquiry for tickets or if You got questions about tickets and travels, please do contact us.


:: Rent a car ::

Renting a car in Bulgaria at a target date or period is also available service for Dom Plus customers. That way we hope providing easy and fast way for finding the right property. You are able to order a rent of a car online.


:: Residence reservations ::

Reservations for hotel room or apartment according to customer wishes. To make a reservation or if You got questions about, please contact us.


:: Bank accounts ::

We may create a local bank account with or without a debit or credit card, for money transfer from another country by using the IBAN (International Bank Account Number). For more information please contact us.


:: Firm registration ::

В България, по закон, никой чужд гражданин не може да притежава земя или недвижим имот. Единствения начин е като открие фирма на негово име, която ще го представлява, като юридичеко лице.


:: Consulting ::

Our real estate experts are always available if You got a question, whatever if it is jurisdictional or about real estate properties or about any of ours real estate area place, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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