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  • Gega osnoven pyt i gledka kym Grecia
  • Gega
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  • Gega 12-14 terasi (1)
  • Gega osnoven pyt i gledka kym Grecia (1)
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The property is situated in the mountains highly in ecologically clean village Gega (asphalt road) .Air the terrain is so pure and auspicious that centenarians live here in Bulgaria. Ideal – prosperous cultural and historical dislocation. The guesthouse is on the main roads connections from Bulgaria to Greece and Macedonia neighborhood with historical castles, abbeys and other cultural inheritance. A few kilometers from Macedonia where the marvelous  Ohrid Lake, 25km from balneotherapeutic  Sandanski city, near the border with Greece and 100 km from the Aegean Sea, 30 km from the beautiful temple “St. Petka” was built at the behest of the world-famous – Vangelia-Vanga, where she lived.

In a small radius from the  and are gesthouse also world-famous ski resorts of Bansko, Borovets (Bulgaria) and on Kozhuf (Macedonia).

Enchanted views from all the windows of rooms on the mountain!

Former Rehabilitation board (very clean and suitable air),,,, Anton Popov is located on the grounding portion 62 weave.
Built SQUARE building 1270kv.m,
On the roof of the building is renovated (guarantee 15 years).
Roof itself is flat and ideal for solar placement Battery (green energy here) Programs funded by the EU.
3 floors, 90 rooms, electricity, water, sewer independent. Private housing for all food. Housing for all building basements.


Plot – 6205 sq.m.
The total built-up area (WHR) – 3200 sq.m.
Renovation converting pension in a lot of cost-effective facility for recreation, rehabilitation or sales as apartments super environmental, clean and quiet environment to relax.

OPTIONS for investors:


Calculation of expenditure and investment for investors:

1.Shopping – 220,000 EURO;
2.Reconstruction – EUR 200 000;
TOTAL: 420 000 EUR.

In the guesthouse ,, Anton Popov,, 90 rooms, after renovation converted into a 20-bedroom, 10 two-bedroom and 20 studios.

20 studios and 12 000 euro = 240 000 euro;
20 two-bedroom apartments and 18 000 euro = 360 000 euro;

10 two-bedroom apartments and 22 000 euro = 220 000 euro;
Restaurant 360 sq / m – 35 000 euro;
TOTAL: 855,000 euro.
The reconstructions of 6 months are.

PROFIT 435 000 euro.

Sales prices are the minimum, in the territory of the complex there is mineral water.
Basements suitable for bottling  mineral water.
Near the complex there is a monastery known in Bulgaria as a place where prayers and miraculous icon help childless families.
Near the monastery springs with medicinal water cleanses the body.
In neighboring Macedonia treating water source from the stone kidney disease (20km).


Participation on the program’s Euro funds.
After the statement of intent, the project of reconstruction and return on investment of up to 50%.
Have the opportunity to participate on the programs RURAL DEVELOPMENT,, Green-Program Emerge,, installation on the roof solar systems up to 70 kW / h., ECO-Program,, TOURISM,, and others.

* When buying real Unit Stake 1 m constructed buildings – 70,00 euro.
* Earth (6205 square meters) of communications and as a bonus !!!

* Total price: 220,000 Euro

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