Bulgaria, Byala II – 2017

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Number of properties in Byala, is the best characterized rapidly developing in recent years, real estate Bulgaria.The flow of tourists wishing to buy property in Byala is growing every day. Buying Property in Byala – this profitable investment and a place for a summer vacation your family and friends. Hurry up to buy the best property in Byala.To date in Byala built many facilities for full marine tourism, as well as the yacht port, which allows for the development of water transport and attractive sea tourism.

The town of Byala is located in one of the most scenic stretches of the coast of the Black Sea, in the foothills of the Eastern Balkan Range, between Cape “black cape” (from the north) and the Gulf of Cape “St. Atanas “(from the south). If viewed from the sea, the town of Byala is situated on the beautiful shores of the amphitheater in the vicinity of the eastern tip of the ,,Stara Planina,, mountain and combines  relief with a temperate continental climate.

Building plot 1793 sqm, residential area,,White river,,.
For residential buildings
detailed development plan (PUP), the construction branch  to 10m, KINT 1.2.
100m to the Sea; view of the sea from the area 180 *, a wide sandy beach, an attractive cost.

Plot of land for building of a holiday complex, or private homes, located on the second line from the beach, next to the sandy beach. Property has an area of 1,793 sq.m. and with stunning views of the sea. The area has a large bevel therefore, there is no way someone frontally, build up this panorama of the sea. . At the conclusion of land issued allowing design and construction. Make the necessary Engineering geological investigations of the soil. Issued and entered into force on detailed structural plan of the site and the area (PUP). This is a unique property for the construction of prestigious private homes (5 pieces), Or high-end apartment complex is for living and recreation.
The right choice for high-end family home or summer residence – close to the crystal clear sandy beach. Healing the Black Sea climate, fresh summer breeze and impressive panorama. The unique location provides a high return on investment in this sector.
  of the plot with the PUP – 145 000 euros,

Phone to communicate with : +359888910777; Viber +359,988,916,111.
E-mail: varna777@gmail.com.

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