Bulgaria, Byala – 2017

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The town of Byala is situated in the central part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 50 km south of Varna and 75 km north of Bourgas, the reby combining the tranquility of a small town and the proximity of large regional centers. Byala has a well-established infrastructure; it is possible to find everything we need – a place for shopping, banks, Hospital.

The nature and location of the city (in the middle of the coastal road E-87 from Varna to Sunny Beach) determined its development, and it has become a place for recreation and tourism. The combination of sea and mountain climate makes Byala a wonderful place for vacation. The wide beach combined with deciduous forest, favorable temperature of sea water and its purity offer excellent conditions for borrowing water sports, fishing, for the prevention and recovery along the city.

Existing port being restructured in yachting and shopping, which creates conditions for the development of nautical tourism.

Byala – a fast-paced resort family, here prefer to relax and buy summer housing Russians and citizens of former Soviet republics. In the summer season the number of visitors to the city several times higher than the local population.
Byala Beach – one of the cleanest on our Black Sea coast, and the combination of mountain and sea climate makes Byala a wonderful place to relax.

We offer you a plot with an area of 7000 square meters. m in the town of Byala, on the main road Varna – Burgas (E-87), in the middle of the coastal road from Varna to Sunny Beach that provides large transit flow of tourists .. The area is designed for residential and public construction branch auxiliary facilities (gas stations, shops, motels, restaurants, and others.). The proposal provides a good opportunity for investment. All communications: water, electricity, sewerage.
• City at a distance of 1 hour from two international airports of Varna and Burgas.
• Confirmed  project for entry and exit to the proposed site with trails Republican Varna Burgas-E-87.
• Plot (7000kv.m.) Is located in a fully urbanized and regulated zone.
• Located in front of the entrance to the town of Byala, has 100m face on the road ..
• Excellent landscape, ideal investment as a future complex: petrol station  , roadside motel, restaurant ,  camping for tourists, as indicated in the conceptual design and approval IP Byala Municipality.

Mobile  on the owner: +359888910777; Viber +359,988,916,111.

E-mail: varna777@gmail.com;

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